Hey, I’m Terry. I’m an apprentice of Jesus, husband to Robin, and father to Reia and Reese. At this phase in my life, leaving a legacy is my passion and focus. 

Over the years, I’ve discovered my calling revolves around creating and building. This has been true since I was a young boy, so it comes very naturally for me. Today, this comes to life with people, products, teams, and organizations, often when the path forward is paved with uncertainty. 

My Career

I’m the co-founder and CPO of YouVersion and a pastor at Life.Church. I currently bring leadership to product, design, data, engineering, and research and development. Since I started in 2007, I have built and led the majority of the technology teams at Life.Church. 

Previously, I was one of the executive pastors at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. I led all technology and operations teams. As time went on, I provided leadership in the areas of TV/radio, multi-site launches, and conferences, and also built out all external resource sites. 

Early in my career, I realized college wasn’t the best path for me, so I entered into the world of telecom before the internet existed. I led technical sales teams for a large telecommunications company and then spun that experience into a few companies I started. I enjoyed this time as an entrepreneur until I entered into full-time ministry. 

Random passions

  • Learning

  • Tennis

  • Music

  • Sleeping

  • Trailblazing

  • Craft beer


  • Meyer Briggs: ENTJ

  • Enneagram: 8

  • Adizes Management Style: PaEi

  • Strengths: Command, Futuristic, Strategic, Relator, Self-Assurance

  • Builder Profile: Rainmaker, Deligator, Selling, Confidence, Disruptor

Memory Lane Highlights

  • Celebrated 500 million YouVersion Bible App downloads in 2021

  • Launched Church Online Platform to enable the global church to launch online services for free

  • The YouVersion Bible App was one of first 200 free apps at the launch of Apple’s App Store in July, 2008

  • Co-founded YouVersion in 2007; launched on web, then pivoted to mobile

  • Launched first church in Second Life (Metaverse, before it was cool)

  • Joined Life.Church team in 2007 and built the Digerati team, which consisted of all technology teams

  • Co-authored a book for Jossey-Bass called The Blogging Church to help non-profits and churches use blogs to share their stories and start communities in 2007

  • Wrote a blog post Social Networking Meets its Creator in 2004

  • Broadcasted first internet baptism in 2000

  • Co-founded a streaming media company to serve churches and non-profits

  • Founded “Switch,” the product that became Fellowship One ChMS

  • Left business and the start up world for full-time ministry in 1999

  • Started a telecom consulting business in 1995

  • Dropped out of college in 1993

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Follower of Christ. Husband to Robin. Father to Reia and Reese. Co-Founder of YouVersion (The Bible App). Focus: Leaving a legacy!